That of a passion for clothing and a deeply rich and intergenerational professional journey that spans more than half a century.

Resolutely Moroccan both in its influences and in its production, RAZANA aims to compete with the biggest international brands, by offering superior quality clothing.
This intrinsic excellence is the result of a long collaboration between our parent company and internationally renowned fashion houses, which are very demanding in terms of quality standards. Indeed, RAZANA is a brand of the MACROMA company which draws on extensive experience in the textile and clothing sector.

We are proud to be 100% Made in Morocco and to participate in the blossoming of the national industry. In addition, our human resources, who intervene with talent and dexterity at each stage of the production process, constitute a key asset. From the design phase to the finishing touches, our creations are thought out down to the smallest detail to enhance your look while respecting the codes of modest fashion, attentive to your convictions, and eco-responsible.
We favor noble materials, fluid and refined lines and subtle shades to offer you a clever combination of comfort, style and confidence on a daily basis. Each piece is inspired by the woman in tune with the times, proud and sophisticated, versatile and unique, attentive to trends while remaining anchored in her values.

RAZANA is not afraid to shake up diktats, and impose through its creations its iconoclastic vision of fashion that is as ethical as it is aesthetic. Our collections highlight each woman in her diversity and uniqueness and our prices are carefully studied to make our pieces accessible to as many people as possible while maintaining our high quality standards.

Whether you're looking for a sparkling summer look or an elegant outfit for the office, don't hesitate to explore our selection of clothing or come see us in store. There is bound to be a look created especially for you!

RAZANA tells a story, and we want to write the next chapter with you. It begins with a simple leitmotif: Wear It With Confidence



Wear It With Confidence. Beyond a simple slogan, it is our leitmotif and our commitment: to offer Moroccan women modest outfits combining elegance and comfort, to allow them to feel confident and self-assured in all circumstances. We use the best fabrics and accessories, and the best production processes to guarantee impeccably finished outfits.


We act in complete transparency towards our customers, but also towards our employees and our external partners throughout our production cycle. CSR is at the heart of our approach.


We are particularly proud and honored to promote Made in Morocco and Moroccan excellence through RAZANA, and to offer jobs to several Moroccan citizens.


RAZANA is a subsidiary of MACROMA, a brand with more than fifty years in the textile industry. Exposed for years to international quality standards, we have implemented a rigorous quality assurance process to guarantee you durable and resistant outfits.

Innovation & Creativity

RAZANA is a brand in tune with the times, attentive to contemporary trends, but also resolutely original and creative. We have a team of talented designers who give free rein to their creativity in order to offer exceptional pieces that you won't find anywhere else. We also focus on sourcing differentiating fabrics and accessories in Europe and Asia.

Respect for staff

Aware that talent is the raw material of our creations, we make a point of ensuring a fulfilling and rewarding work environment where each of our employees can express their creativity with mutual respect.