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By using the website, you confirm that you accept the terms of this privacy statement. You should also read this privacy statement if we have contacted you, as it applies to all personal data we collect from you during our interactions.
This privacy notice may change, so please review it regularly to ensure that you are still in agreement with its terms in the use of your personal data.
This version of the privacy notice was posted online on: 08/17/2022.
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What is “personal data”?
Law No. 09-08 defines, in its first article, personal data as “any information of any nature whatsoever and regardless of its medium, including sound and image, concerning a natural person identified or identifiable”. The persons concerned are those who are identified or who can be identified directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification number or to one or more specific elements of their physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity.
Therefore, “personal data” includes, among other things, your name, address, telephone number, email address and any other information that could be used to identify you, either alone or with other information. It may also include other less obvious identifiers, such as your IP address and cookie data.

W hat personal data will Razana collect when I use this website?
By using this website:
We may collect personal data that you provide to us by filling in forms on this website. They may include things such as your name, address, telephone number, email address. In any case, the personal data that we collect from you will be presented to you as you complete the corresponding form, as we will only collect the personal data that you submit to us and which are specifically requested.
In certain circumstances, certain data fields will be marked with an asterisk (*), this means that we require this personal data to be provided. For those not marked with an asterisk, we do not need this personal data, but if you send it to us, we will collect it automatically;
We may collect personal data which may be included in CVs, cover letters or other materials uploaded and/or submitted to our website;
We may collect personal data that you provide to us when you communicate with us for any reason. Again, it is difficult to say what personal data this may be, but we will collect all the information contained in your communication and, as this is within your control, you will be able to identify what it is. (For example, if you communicate with us by email, we will collect your email address at a minimum);
You will automatically download a “cookie” (you can find out more about “cookies” below);
We will automatically collect your IP address.

Why does Razana collect and use my personal data?
We may use your personal data in several ways. These are set out below:

  • Consent
    On certain occasions, we may use your personal data because you have consented to us doing so, in the following contexts:
    1. To place an order on our website
    2. To make an exchange or refund
    3. To provide you with certain supports, such as a newsletter or information
    4. We may share your personal data with a third party for example, a courier company to deliver an order to you
    5. When you are in the process of being recruited for a permanent or temporary position with us.

    Wherever you have given your consent, we will only use your personal data for the purpose we specified to you when you gave us your consent.
    In any case, you will always have the possibility to withdraw your consent at any time. To do this, please contact us by mail, e-mail or by telephone: or, where applicable, follow the unsubscribe instructions contained in our communication materials (for example, an unsubscribe link) .

    Please note that our actions are guided by your consent, so if for example, we use your email address to send you a newsletter, if you withdraw your consent, you will no longer be able to receive it.

  • Legitimate interest
    We may use your personal data as set out below, in your legitimate interest:
    1. To respond to correspondence you send to us and to respond to requests and/or orders you make to us
    2. To analyze, evaluate and improve the products and services we offer you,
    3. To conduct research and analysis about our products and services (for example, through customer surveys), so that we can better understand our business and your needs,
    4. Since we are engaged with you in the course of our business, for example as a customer, supplier, actual or potential partner, in the absence of a contractual relationship or obligation,
    5. To contact you with relevant information after we have provided you with a service, or you have attended one of our events. We will only contact you for our own services or for events in which we participate,
    6. To contact you from time to time for commercial purposes if we have obtained your professional contact details ourselves, through our commercial network, from a public service, or because you have registered with the one of our mailing lists or you have downloaded one of our reports,
    7. To notify you of updates to our terms and conditions and policies,
    8. To keep you informed of permanent or temporary positions that we have to fill;
    9. To protect us, our website and computer systems from harm.
    In any case, you always have the right to object by considering your personal data as legitimate interests.
    To do this, please contact us by post, email or telephone, as indicated above. In the event that you object to the use of your personal data as above, we will consider this request and communicate our decision to you.
    In certain circumstances we may refuse to stop using your personal data, we will then explain to you why and you will always have the right to challenge our decision. Regardless, we will always stop using your personal data for marketing purposes if you object.
  • Contractual performance
    We may use your personal data for the purpose of entering into a contract with you, for example, to provide services to you as a customer or supplier.
  • Legal obligation
    We may use your personal data to comply with legal requirements imposed on us as a business.
  • What are “cookies”?
    Cookies are small files that are automatically sent to your computer, smartphone or other device from a web server when you visit a particular website.
    Our website uses cookies, just like most others, we specifically use Google Analytics which, through cookies, helps us analyze how visitors use our website.

    All devices can block or delete cookies, which can be done by enabling certain settings in your browser, however this will depend on your device and the browser you are using.
  • Who do you share my personal data with?
    We will never share your personal data with third parties for commercial or personal purposes without your consent, unless it is required as part of a contractual obligation between us or unless it is subject to a legal obligation.
    However we use services from third party providers for our business such as, among others: web hosting, web security, web analytics, data storage, data backup, recruitment service, email and service logistics and messaging.
    We take steps to ensure that our third party service providers who process your personal data comply with applicable data protection laws and protect your personal data and, in any case, such third parties are limited in their ability to use your personal data other than to provide a service to us.
  • How do I manage my personal data?
    At any time while we hold or use your personal data, you have the following rights:
    1. Right of access: You have the right to request a copy of the personal data we hold
    2. Right to rectification: You have the right to correct personal data we hold about you that is inaccurate or incomplete,
    3. Right to be forgotten: In certain circumstances, you can request that the personal data we hold about you be erased from our records;
    4. Right to restriction of processing: in certain circumstances you have the right to restrict our use of your personal data;
    5. Right of portability: In certain circumstances you have the right to transfer the personal data we hold about you to another organization
    6. Right to object: You have the right to object to certain uses of your personal data, such as for example in the context of direct marketing actions;
    7. Right to object to automated processing, including profiling: you have the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling.
    You will be asked for reasonable identification if you exercise any of your rights above.
    To exercise your rights, please contact us by post, email or telephone as indicated above.
  • Legal Notice
    The information collected on the site is subject to processing intended in particular for ordering a product, payment and delivery.
    The recipients of the data are limited exclusively to people authorized to know your data due to their functions.

    In accordance with Law No. 09-08 promulgated by Dahir 1-09-15 of February 18, 2009, relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, you have the right to access and rectification of information concerning you, which you can exercise by contacting our customer service.
  • Edit
    This privacy policy may change at any time, for example by including or excluding clauses.